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Pokémon Sword and Shield Vivid Voltage

Looks like we have a new set coming in November and this one is electric! 

Credit to Pokebeach for announcing this!

Their statement below:

According to the e-mail, Vivid Voltage‘s prereleases will take place October 31st through November 8th. The set will have an early release date of November 9th for stores that host prereleases and a street release date of November 13th for stores like Target.

As posted before:

We’ve exclusively learned that November’s English set will be named Vivid Voltage. It will partly be based on Japan’s upcoming set Shocking Volt Tackle, which will feature Pikachu V and VMAX.

Vivid Voltage will release on November 13th, which is the second Friday of the month. Up until Rebel Clash, sets always released on the first Friday of the month, but that stopped with Darkness Ablaze and now this set. It seems this will be the new norm.

If the Amazing Rares or any other cards from Legendary Heartbeat don’t make it into Champion’s Path, they will likely go into Vivid Voltage instead.

Releasing on the same day as Vivid Voltage is an “Elite Trainer Box Plus” product, but it isn’t specifically associated with this set in its initial listing. It will cost more than a regular Elite Trainer Box and has a price point that doesn’t match any past product (around $60), implying it’s something new. Could it be an upgraded version of an Elite Trainer Box with some promos?

We should have more details and images within the next few weeks — stay tuned!