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Pokemon Evolving Skies

The name of the newest English set to be release in August will be Evolving Skies! 

This set will be based on the Japanese set Sky stream and Towering perfection. Based on the colours of the new logo it looks to be reminiscent of Rayquaza's colours. This may mean that he is the focal point of the newest set. 

The Japanese version of this set will release on July 9th, so we will get a better idea of the set and what may be in store for the newest english set. 

The evolving in the name could be a nod to Evolutions or even Eevee heroes which we know will be a set focused on the eeveelutions. With that being said I do feel the Eevee set will be its owe set with one focus that being Eevee. 

We are looking forward to this set to come in August and see what it might be all about!