Ultra Prism Elite Trainer Box - Dawn Wing Necrozma

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An Unknown New Dimension! Pass through the Ultra Wormhole into a bizarre new Pokemon world, where familiar sights become strange and new powers are unlocked! Watch Necrozma's power grow, and marvel as brand-new prism star cards reveal their astounding effects on play. Meet Dialga-GX and Palkia-GX, and encounter bizarre Ultra Beasts and wild new forms of Alola's Legendary Pokemon. Explore a new dimension in the Pokemon TCG: Sun & Moon - Ultra Prism expansion! The Pokemon TCG: Sun & Moon Ultra Prism Elite Trainer Box includes: 8 Pokemon TCG: Sun & Moon Ultra Prism booster packs, 65 card sleeves featuring Dusk Mane Necrozma, 45 Pokemon TCG Energy cards, A player's guide to the Sun & Moon Ultra Prism expansion, 6 damage counter dice, 1 competition legal coin flip die, 2 acrylic condition markers and 1 acrylic GX marker, a collector's box to hold everything, with 4 dividers to keep it organized, and a code card for the Pokemon Trading Card Game Online.

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