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2020-21 Upper Deck Premier Hockey Hobby Box


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2020-21 Premier is loaded with autographs - all of which are hard-signed - and boasts some of the finest patch cards of the year!

BASE SET: The 100-card Base Set consists of star veterans and top rookies, all numbered to 299! Collect up to 9 parallels of the complete set:

  • 4 memorabilia
  • 3 autograph
  • 2 all-new and low-numbered regular parallels - Gold and Platinum (1-of-1)

Look for 1 regular veteran Base Set or Base Set parallel card AND 1 regular rookie Base Set or Base Set parallel card in every pack, on average. Both could be a 1-of-1!

ACETATE RAP’S HORIZONTAL: Keep an eye out for coveted Acetate Auto Patch cards featuring rookies and veterans - all serially-numbered. Look for low-numbered Gold and Platinum (#’d 1-of-1) parallels as well. All veteran cards feature game-worn patch swatches! After a successful 2019-20 debut, the Horizontal Variants of the top tier rookies are back! Collect low-numbered regular, Gold parallel and Platinum (numbered 1-of-1) parallels. Look for 1 Acetate Auto Patch card per pack, on average.

2020 PREMIER ROOKIE AUTO: This new and low-numbered rookie insert set features 2020-21 rookies accompanied by a hard-signed autograph and a jersey swatch. Look for rare Patch and Tag Patch parallels!

Collect two more all-new rookie insert sets:

  • Rookie Paramount: Only the best rookies made the cut. Keep an eye out for low-numbered Patch and Patch Auto parallels.
  • Rookie Exposé: This is an acetate hard-signed auto set featuring the best rookies - all numbered to 35!

PREMIER ATTRACTIONS: The two-tiered Premier Attractions insert set boasts a star-studded checklist and jersey swatches. Also collect the three-tiered Patch parallel set. All memorabilia is game-worn and every Premier Attractions card is low-numbered!

Collectors will be hunting for the ever-popular and low-numbered Premier Mega Jersey and Premier Mega Patch Duos, Trios and Quads cards, as well as the hand-numbered Premier Mega Patch cards featuring a chest logo, sleeve number, shoulder logo or commemorative logo.

2020-21 Upper Deck Premier Hockey Hobby Box