It Pennywise with Boat Funko Pop! Vinyl

$ 12.99 CAD


Restock beings shipping September 30th


“They float, Georgie, and when you’re down here with me, you’ll float, too”

One of the scariest villains in movie history has got his own POP! Stephen King’s classic character can now join your collection with this IT Pennywise with Boat POP Vinyl. Originally played by Tim Curry, Pennywise has been giving people a fear of clowns for years. Now Bill Skarsgard is taking up the role to scare a whole new generation!

Let’s hope the window display box that this Pennywise POP comes in can keep him under control…remember, don’t follow him into the sewers!

Note: Since the chase version was vaulted, Funko have changed the Pennywise Pop so it has blue eyes rather than green eyes. Newer orders may receive the blue-eyed version, while orders placed before the chase was vaulted may receive the green-eyed version. As soon as we get updated images of the Pop we will add them to site.

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