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Upper Deck

2019-20 Upper Deck Series 1 Hobby Box



·        2019-20 Upper Deck Hockey is here! 

·        Features a 250-card regular set, including 198 base cards, 49 Young Guns & 3 checklist cards. Look for the highly sought-after Exclusives, High Gloss & Clear Cut parallels.

·        Home of the highly sought after Young Guns Rookie cards, falling 6 per box (on average).

o   Young Guns are the most anticipated Rookie cards of the year and the 19-20 Rookie class is shaping up to be one for the ages. Looks like a marriage made in heaven!

·        UD Canvas is a mainstay within the Upper Deck Series Hockey release and includes a collection of 89 top active NHL stars & 29 of the top Young Gun Rookies, plus 2 checklist cards.

·        Shooting Stars returns featuring 10 star players from the center, right wing, and defensemen positions. Be on the lookout for super rare red parallels.

·        Generation Next returns featuring many of the top young players in the NHL youth movement. Collect the jersey and premium patch parallels.

·        The Clear Cut PETG inserts return at a rate of one per case, on average. This year’s themes include Cup Components to go alongside the multi-player Clear Cut Foundation and Clear Cut League Leaders.

·        Looks for Signature Sensations featuring autographs from today’s top superstars.

·        NEW! Pure Energy is an electric filled 50-card insert featuring all of the high energy players in the game.

·        NEW! Help celebrate our anniversary with our 30 Years of Upper Deck insert highlighting all of the classic Upper Deck hockey designs and featuring our spokesmen, Wayne Gretzky, Patrick Roy & Connor McDavid.  


CASE BREAK (on average):

·        6 Young Guns UD Canvas Rookies

·        1 Clear Cut PETG insert

·        1 Autograph 


BOX BREAK (on average): 

·        6 Young Guns Rookies

·        4 UD Canvas 

·        4 UD Portraits

·        1 Shooting Stars 



·        Rookie Cards

o   Young Guns - 1:4

·        UD Canvas Cards (combined to deliver 1:6)

o   Regular Cards - 1:7

o   Young Guns - 1:48

·        Memorabilia & Autograph Cards

o   UD Canvas Signatures - # to Uniform

o   Signature Sensations - 1:276

o   UD Game Jersey - 1:40

o   UD Game Patch Parallel - #’d to 15

o   Generation Next Jersey - 1:576

o   Generation Next Patch - #’d to 10

o   Ceremonial Puck Drop Auto Parallel - 1:30000

o   Rookie Retrospective Jersey - 1:576

o   Rookie Retrospective Patch - #’d to 18

·        Shooting Stars

o   Shooting Stars Centers - 1:64

o   Shooting Stars Centers Red Parallel- 1:192

o   Shooting  Stars Right Wingers - 1:96

o   Shooting  Stars Right Wingers Red Parallel - 1:288

o   Shooting Stars Defencemen - 1:192

o   Shooting Stars Defencemen Red Parallel - 1:576

·        Clear Cut Inserts

o   Clear Cut Foundation Duos - 1:424

o   Clear Cut Leaders Trios - 1:4752

o   Clear Cut Honoured Members Update - #’d  to 100

o   Cut Components - 1:1008

·        Must-Have Regular Set Parallels

o   Clear Cut Parallels - 1:72

o   Exclusives Parallels - #’d to 100

o   High Gloss Parallels - #’d to 10

·        High Demand Inserts

o   Ceremonial Puck Drop - 1:2880

o   Day With The Cup - 1:2880

o   2019 NHL Draft SP - 1:12960

o   2019 NHL Draft SP Gold Variation - 1:60000

o   30 Years of Upper Deck Wayne Gretzky - 1:30

o   30 Years of Upper Deck Patrick Roy - 1:30

o   30 Years of Upper Deck Connor McDavid – 1:30

o   Generation Next - 1:15  

o   Pure Energy – 1:6 


·        UD Portraits Set 

o   UD Portraits & Portraits Rookies - 1:6

o   UD Portraits Gold Foil Parallel - #’d to 25

o   UD Portraits Platinum Blue Foil Parallel - #’d to 5

o   UD Portraits Rookie Gold Foil Parallel - #’d  to 99

o   UD Portraits Rookies Platinum Blue Foil Parallel - #’d  to 25 

·        Regular Cards 

200 Regular Cards 

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2019-20 Upper Deck Series 1 Hobby Box