Upper Deck Series 2 Retail

Currently Upper Deck is seeing some delays with getting items to distributors and then to local game stores. This is causing shipping delays on our end, but we are doing what we can do speed this up once the items arrive.

This is impacting the following items:

- Retail Box (We have received the first portion of our shipment and are processing orders oldest to newest. Next wave will be received in a few weeks) 

- Series 2 TIn (Delayed to Mid May) 

- Rookie Box (Delayed to June 15th) 

- Lafreniere Box (Delayed to June 15th) 

Currently our wholesalers have outlined that the items should be received this week. We have seen the blaster boxes already arrive and are hoping that all other products arrive this week to be shipped out immediately.

You may notice this week that a label is created for you order, but doesn't show movement right away. The reason for this is we are going to prepare the labels so that as soon as our freight shipment arrives we can immediately package and have the items picked up!

We do apologize for the delay here and we will continue to be transparent about any further updates!

Thank you for your patience!