First, we want to apologize for how champions path was handled. We know it wasn’t ideal, but being a relatively new business we didn’t fully understand that numbers aren’t always guaranteed by our distributors. 

For full transparency we ordered a large volume of stock for this item. More then enough to cover each and every order that took place in the site. We then were told roughly a week ago that this would not be fulfilled and Pokémon had cut production on the time limiting it to roughly 20% of our order. Many other retails were impacted here as well. 

We made the decision to lower all the orders we have confirmed numbers for to one. We only have an estimate for October, but once we have a more structured number we will send everyone an update.

One thing we want people to realize is this isn’t ideal for us either. We just like you expect our items from our distributors which we didn’t get so it comes from the top down. 

we are going to do everything in our power to try and get more stock for October this will only be released to previous buyers and we won’t increase the price. We charged a far bit less then a lot of other retails and are taking risks here is our wholesalers decide to increase the price based on demand. 

Stay tuned for more updates!