Upper Deck Extended Hockey Retail Product Delayed By Upper Deck Until July 28th 2021!

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Hobbiesville was founded in 2020 by our owner Logan. After going through an old collection of Pokemon cards he decided to start a small shop originally called Redtrainer. Here he sold a few booster boxes as well as other Pokemon products to help get the business off the ground. 

The support for our tiny online retail shop quickly grew and we started to carry products outside of just Pokemon including Funko Pop, Upper deck and many other great hobby brands. This then lead us to opening a physical location in Kemptville not only to house our new products, but also to sell them in person! We are currently looking at a second location in Ottawa as well! 

Hobbiesville had a big 2020 being featured in Hypebeast for both our founders story as well as the growth we saw as a company. Since we started we have now added to full time fulfillment staff as well as two part time support staff and we are still continuing to hire to align with our growth as a business!