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Pokemon TCG Gift Ideas🎁

As we head into December, the anxiety of getting that perfect gift is slowly settling in. Here’s a Pokemon TCG gift guide to help ease the stress.

Check Lane Blisters (Single or Three Pack)

Check lane blisters are best gifted as stocking stuffers for beginner collectors. Both single and three pack options come with a unique promo card. These can be procured at many retailers or local game stores.


Pokemon TCG Tins

This type of product does well for beginner to intermediate collectors. Depending on the, they can come with a varying number of booster packs from different sets. For those who want to go the extra mile, you can do some research on which tins have specific packs/sets and get more brownie points. It’s also a perfect gift idea if you’re in a gift exchange and your exchange partner likes Pokemon.


Premium Tournament Collection Boxes (A.K.A. Milk Cartons)

Premium tournament collection boxes, a.k.a. Milk cartons are a relatively new product. They were introduced in 2021 and have had a release every year since. As an intermediate collector level product, this box brings a lot of value and includes a full art promo card, sleeves, a deck box, additional TCG items and a variety of booster packs totalling 7.


Elite Trainer Box (ETB)

Elite Trainer Boxes are probably the most “gift ready” items in the Pokemon TCG. Each ETB comes with everything you need to start a deck and at least 8 or more booster packs depending on the set. Being classified as intermediate to advanced collectors, these are the perfect items to get if you want to wrap them up and place them under the Christmas tree. 


Ultra Premium Collection

The name says it all; “Ultra Premium Collection”. This is the ultimate gift for any Pokemon TCG fan. Coming in premium style packaging, the Ultra Premium Collections has everything you need and then some (booster packs, TCG items, etc). If this doesn’t “win” the best gift idea, not sure what will.