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Suburbia Expansion


Suburbia Expansions contains three giant expansions for Suburbia: Suburbia Inc., Suburbia 5-Star, and Suburbia Nightlife, as well as two smaller expansions: Essen and Cons. These expansions may be added to the base game one at a time, in portions, or all at once, to make for a fully customizable city-building experience.


This collection includes dozens of new building tiles, borders, goals, and new mechanics, such as the turn-order-altering star track, borough-enhancing borders, bonuses, challenges, ability to have 5 players, and more. The new buildings offer new categories as well, such as the high-risk, high-reward Nightlife tiles that provide a huge benefit while also taking a toll on your growing metropolis. You’ll never run out of unique customization options that will make each game of Suburbia unlike any other!



  • 1 GameTrayz Tray (fits in base game box)
  • 5 Star Tokens
  • 1 Star Track
  • 119 New Building Tiles
  • 12 New Goal Tiles
  • 13 Bonus Tiles
  • 13 Challenge Tiles
  • 18 Border Tiles
  • 5 Turn Order Tiles
  • 6 More Common Tiles

5th Player Components:

  • 1 Population Meeple
  • 1 Reputation Cube
  • 1 Income Cylinder
  • 1 Borough Board
  • 3 Investment Markers
  • 1 Player Aid

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Suburbia Expansion