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PIAB EXC DC Comics Red Hood Jason Todd Funko Pop! Vinyl


Red Hood is the latest DC character to join the Pop In A Box Exclusives collection!

Jason Todd had a troubled childhood, with an abusive father and a mother with a drug addiction and depression. His father served a prison sentence and didn’t return to the family, abandoning Todd to look after his mother, who eventually died of an overdose. This left him alone, fending for himself on the streets of Gotham.

One night, Todd came across the Batmobile parked in Crime Alley and he couldn’t resist stealing the wheels. Fortunately for him, Batman caught Todd in the act and decided his skills and anger could be channelled and used for the greater good - making him the second Robin. Todd was wilder and more aggressive than the previous Boy Wonder, Dick Grayson, and was often put on inactive duty and could not patrol Gotham at Batman’s side.

One day, whilst on inactive duty, he discovered his mother was not his biological mother and travelled to the Middle East, without telling Batman, to find his biological mother. When he arrived, Todd realised that his real mother was being blackmailed and that all the major events in his life so far had been orchestrated by the Joker. He and his mother were then brutally beaten with a crowbar by the Clown Prince of Crime and they were left to die. Gotham’s Dark Knight doesn’t make it in time to save them from their fate and holds Todd’s lifeless body in his arms.

Shortly after his death and funeral, Todd was resurrected by Talia Al Ghul, the daughter of Ra’s Al Ghul, one of Batman’s enemies. He was revived in the legendary Lazarus Pit and taken to Ducra, the ancient instructor of the All-Castle, and trained. After his training was complete, Todd thought the only way to come to terms with his death was to get revenge on the Joker. Using an old alias of the Joker, in an attempt to get his attention, Todd returns to Gotham as the gun-toting Red Hood.

This PIAB EXC DC Comics Red Hood Jason Todd Funko Pop! Vinyl comes packaged in a window displayed box featuring our exclusive Pop In A Box foil sticker and measures approximately 3-3/4 inches tall.

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PIAB EXC DC Comics Red Hood Jason Todd Funko Pop! Vinyl