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Dragon Ball Super Expansion Set 18 Namekian Boost


Expansion Set 17 previews the new skill “Spirit Boost”, which makes its main appearance from UW5! Spirit Boost is a powerful skill that uses Unison markers and will change the tide of battle! Players can try out the new skill and prepare for its debut.


These Expansion Sets will be perfect reinforcements for UW4 decks and help players train for UW5 cards!


Perfect reinforcement pack for your Saiyan Deck!


・UW4 Booster Pack ×2 packs

・Battle Evolution Booster ×1 pack

・New cards ×10 cards  (10 new cards : 5 types×2 cards) 

 *Silver foil

・Official Dice ×1 piece

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Dragon Ball Super Expansion Set 18 Namekian Boost